About @tarojibot

The Tarot Emoji Bot is a Twitter bot that does tarot readings using emojis. Just tweet at @tarojibot with a request, and it will reply with your personal tarot reading!

This bot was made by Joakim Almgren, based on the Glitch app "Twitterbot Webhooks" by Stefan Bohacek.

What it can do

Here's a list of requests you can tweet to @tarojibot. Look below for a glossary explaining which emoji is which tarot card.

Tip! If you want to have a more natural conversation with @tarojibot, you can put your request in a normal sentence, like so: "@tarojibot Hello, would you mind drawing one card for me, please"

Note that there's some wiggle room in how you phrase your request. Feel free to experiment!


Tarojibot doesn't store any user information, it just reacts to your tweets and responds. On the "explain" page, relevant tweets are embedded by fetching data from Twitter on demand. The only persistent data is knowledge of tarot.

You can check for yourself by looking at the code.